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3 March 2021

Exploring the elasticity of multiferroic materials

Multiferroics are materials that simultaneously display a ferroelectric and a magnetic order, which in some cases interact. The combination of these properties holds promises for future hybrid (...)

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22 February 2021

Molecular spintronics: a short movie

The European FET-OPEN COSMICS project, of which the MPQ laboratory (resp. Amandine Bellec) is one of the 6 partners, has developed a short movie presenting molecular spintronics and the (...)

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26 January 2021

A metasurface for non-linear optical generation with full phase control

Researchers of the DON team at MPQ lab have obtained the first dielectric optical metasurface generating second harmonic with full phase control. Thanks to this breakthrough, they achieved (...)

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1 September 2020

Direct observation of the reduction of a molecule on nitrogen doped graphene

Graphene is a two dimensional, material made of a carbon atomic plane, with exceptional physical properties that make it full of promises for applications in various fields. The realization of (...)

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4 August 2020

A protective cage for the transport of giant spin signals

Faced with the technological and societal challenges represented by the storage, transfer and processing of computer data, electronic devices exploiting the quantum nature of electrons have been (...)

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