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A metasurface for non-linear optical generation with full phase control

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Researchers of the DON team at MPQ lab have obtained the first dielectric optical metasurface generating second harmonic with full phase control. Thanks to this breakthrough, they achieved meta-arrays, meta-lenses and non-linear meta-holograms, with frequency conversions a million times more efficient than with metallic metasurfaces. These results, achieved within the PhD thesis of Carlo Gigli and a collaboration with the CEA funded by the ANR, are published in the journal Optica. They have been highlighted on the CNRS-INP website.

Figure: SEM image of a Fresnel lens designed to focus a second-harmonic signal.

Giuseppe Leo (

Tensorial phase control in nonlinear meta-optics, Carlo Gigli, Giuseppe Marino, Alberto Artioli, Davide Rocco, Costantino De Angelis, Julien Claudon, Jean-Michel Gérard, Giuseppe Leo, Optica 8, 269 (2021).