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Team members

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Permanent Members
Philippe Lafarge
Maria Luisa Della Rocca
Clément Barraud

PhD students
Philippe Petit
Charlotte Bessis

TELEM team in 2013

Former group members

Edouard Boulat has rejoined the Theory group of MPQ in 2009

Eric Bringuier has rejoined the Theory group of MPQ in 2009

Anne Anthore has rejoigned the LPN in 2010

Aurore Mangin (PhD between September 2006 and November 2009)

Julien Chaste (Post-doc between October 2011 and October 2012)


Aurore Mangin (M2 January-February 2006)

Charles Cayron (L3 June-July 2006)

Nathanaël Sirmons (L3 Initiation à la recherche September-December 2006)

Nadia Aoudache et Hervé Dago (Lycéens, April 2007)

Marie-Lys Béoutis (M1 May-July 2007)

Philippe Petit (L3 May-July 2008)

Mathilde Portais (L3 May-July 2008)

Jean Riverieulx de Varax (L2 June 2008)

Raghu Ram Movva (M1 July-August 2008)

Camille Ndebeka Bandou (L3 June 2009)

Nicolas (L3 June 2009)

Philippe Petit (M2 March 2010)

Vincent Rabache (M2 March 2012)

Charlotte Bessis (M2 March 2013)