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Platform RAMAN-AFM

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The microscope RAMAN-AFM WITEC alpha300R is an open access instrument of the laboratory of Quantum Materials and Phenomena (Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques – MPQ) at the university of Paris. The instrument is part of the AFM-BEAM-REX platform shared by the MPQ and [the laboratory of Interfaces Treatment Organisation and Dynamics of Systems (ITODYS). The instrument allows to combine the confocal Raman Spectroscopy imaging with high spatial resolution down to sub-microns scales and the atomic force microscopy (AFM). The system is designed in a such way that both Raman and AFM measurements can be performed either simultaneously or sequentially at the same area of interest. Motorized x-,y-, z- linear stages allows to perform large area scans for different distances between a sample surface and an objective which is essential in the case of non-flat samples. Combination of motorized and piezo stages allows to perform high precision scans at the selected areas.

The platform is available for scientific community of the university of Paris as well as for external academic researchers and industrial companies. In order to access the instrument, please contact Alexandr ALEKHIN by specifying the type of measurements you want to do: Raman imaging, AFM imaging and/or colocalized Raman-AFM. Non-expert users will need to be trained before using the instrument by themselves.


Scientifique Coordinator: Yann Gallais

Technical contact: Alexandr Alekhin

System Specs

- Laser wavelength: 532nm and 633nm
- Spectrometer: 300mm length, 3 diffraction gratings: 600, 1800 et 2400 grooves/mm
- CCD detector (pixels: 26x26 microns) “back illuminated” (Quantum effciency >90% over 500-700nm spectral range) cooled at -50C
- Confocal Microscope Confocal with Kohler illumination. Zeiss objectives: x100/0.9NA, x50/0.55NA, x20/0.4NA et x10/0.25NA, x100 oil immersion
- Motorized xy stage (50x50mm2), 25nm step.
- Motorized z-focus (10 nm resolution)
- "z-stack" confocal 3D Raman imaging
- Bragg filters at 532nm and 633nm allowing Stokes-anti-Stokes down to +10/-10 cm-1 (sample dependent)
- Polarization resolved measurements

- Modes Contact, AC, contact intermittent, force latérale
- Scanner xyz piezoélectriques (100x100 microns xy et 20 microns z). - Resolution 0.3(xy)/0.2nm(z)