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Maximilien Cazayous


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Professor - Université de Paris

email: maximilien.cazayous(at)

tel: +33 1 57 27 62 35
fax: +33 1 57 27 62 41

address: Bâtiment Condorcet- 6th floor - office 646B
10 rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet
75205 Paris Cedex 13


- Optical activities

Light scattering, time and spatially-resolved photoluminescence, reflectivity, absorption.

- Elementary excitations in solids

Photons, phonons, electrons

- Electronic properties of organic conductors

Pentacene, sexithiophene: chemical doping and gating.

- Confinement et self-organization in low dimensional systems

Quantum dots and wires in semiconductors IV-IV, III-V, II-VI.

- Modeling

Lattice dynamics ; electronic states ; electron-phonon interaction, deformation potential.


- 2003: Postdoc at University of Lund (Suède)

- 2002: PhD Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

- 1999: MS Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse


Disentangling lattice and electronic instabilities in the excitonic insulator candidate Ta2NiSe5 by non-equilibrium spectroscopy
K. Katsumi, A. Alekhin, S. M. Souliou, A-A. Haguiguirad, M. Le Tacon, S. Houver, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto and Y. Gallais
Phys. Rev. Lett. accepted (2023).

Stabilizing electromagnons in CuO under pressures
M. Verseils, P. Hemme, D. Bounoua, R. Cervasio, J-B. Brubach, S. Houver, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, D. Colson, T. Iijima, M. Mochizuki, P. Roy, M. Cazayous
NPJ Quantum Materials accepted (2023).

Spin singlet and quasiparticles excitations in cuprate superconductors
M. Mezidi, A. Alekhin, G. D. Gu, D. Colson, S. Houver, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, and A. Sacuto
Phys. Rev B 106, 174513 (2022).

Nematic fluctuations mediated superconductivity revealed by anisotropic strain in BaFe2As2
J-C. Philippe, J. Faria, A. Forget, D. Colson, S. Houver, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto, and Y. Gallais
Phys. Rev Lett. 129, 187002 (2022).

Non-collinear and strongly asymmetric polar moments at back-gated SrTiO3 interfaces
F. Lyzwa, Yu. G. Pashkevich, P. Marsik, A. Sirenko, A. Chan, B.P.P. Mallett, M. Yazdi-Rizi, B. Xu, L.M. Vicente-Arche, D. Vaz, G. Herranz, M. Cazayous, P. Hemme, K. Fürsich, M. Minola, B. Keimer, M. Bibes, and C. Bernhard
NPJ Comm. Phys. 5, 133 (2022).

Elasto-Raman scattering: Arsenic optical phonon as a probe of nematicity in BaFe2As2
J-C. Philippe, J. Faria, A. Forget, D. Colson, S. Houver, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto, and Y. Gallais
Phys. Rev B 105, 024518 (2022).

Confined magnons
S. Beairsto, M. Cazayous, R. S. Fishman, and R. de Sousa
Phys. Rev. B 104, 134415 (2021) [Editors’ Suggestion].

Elastic and magnetoelastic properties of TbMnO3 single crystal by nanosecond time resolved acoustics and first-principles calculations
P. Hemme, P. Djemia, P. Rovillain, S. Hoover, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, H. Sakata, E. Charron, B. Perrin, L. Belliard, and M. Cazayous
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 33, 49540 (2021).

Ultrafast switching to a metastable hidden state by amplitudon excitation in charge wave phase of 3R-Ta1+xSe2
N. Yoshikawa, H. Suganuma, H. Matsuoka, Y. Tanaka, P. Hemme, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, M. Nakano, Y. Iwasa, and R. Shimano
Nature Physics 17, 909 (2021).

Elastic properties assessment in the multiferroic BiFeO3 by picosecond ultrasounds
P. Hemme, P. Djemia, P. Rovillain, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, A. Forget, D. Colson, E. Charron, B. Perrin, L. Belliard, and M. Cazayous
Appl. Phys. Lett. 118, 062902 (2021).

Amplitude mode of charge density wave in TTF[Ni(dmit)2]2 by electronic Raman scattering
M. Revelli Beaumont, P. Hemme, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, L. Valade, D. de Caro, C. Faulman, and M. Cazayous
Phys. Rev. B 103, 035139 (2021).

Possible observation of the signature of the bad metal phase and its crossover to a Fermi liquid in kappa-(BEDT-TTF)Cu(NCS)2 bulk and nanoparticles by Raman scattering
M. Revelli-Beaumont, P. Hemme, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, L. Valade, D. de Caro, C. Faulman, and M. Cazayous
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 33, 125403 (2021).

Impact of the surface phase transition on magnon and phonon excitations in BiFeO3 nanoparticles
I. Aupiais, P. Hemme, M. Allen, R. de Sousa, S. S. Wong, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, M. Cazayous
Appl. Phys. Lett. 116 172903 (2020).

Nanoparticules de supraconducteurs moléculaires de к-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(NCS)2 et de TTF[Ni(dmit)2]2 : synthèses, propriétés vibrationnelles et état supraconducteur étudiés par spectroscopie Raman

Thèse de Doctorat de Marco Revelli-Beaumont, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

Switchable two-dimensional electron gas based on ferroelectric Ca:SrTiO3
J. Bréhin, F. Trier, L. M. Vicente-Arche, P. Hemme, P. Noël, M. Cosset-Chéneau, J-P. Attané, L. Vila, A. Sander, B. Dkhil, V. Garcia, S. Fusil, A. Barthélémy, M. Cazayous and M. Bibes
Rapid. Comm. Phys. Rev. Mat. 4, 041002(R) (2020). [Editor’s recommendation + Featured in Physics]

Reproducible nanostructuration of the superconducting κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu (NCS)2 phase
M. Revelli Beaumont, C. Faulman, D. de Caro, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, C. Pasquier, P. Auban Senzier, M. Monteverde, K. Jacob, L. Valade
Synthetic Metals 261, 116310 (2020).

Ordres et couplages dans les pérovskites multiferroïques étudiés par spectroscopie Raman
Thèse de Doctorat de Ian Aupiais, Université Paris Diderot

A Magnetic Phase Diagram for Nanoscale Epitaxial BiFeO3 Films
D. Sando, F. Appert, B. Xu, O. Paull, S. Burns, C.Carrétéro, B. Dupe, V. Garcia, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, M. Cazayous, B. Dkhil, J-M. Le Breton, A. Barthélémy, M. Bibes, L. Bellaiche, V. Nagarajan, and J. Juraszek
Appl. Phys. Rev. 6, 041404 (2019).

Influence of flexoelectricity on the spin cycloid in (110)-oriented BiFeO3 films
D. Sando, F. Appert, S. R. Burns, Q. Zhang, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, M. Cazayous, V. Garcia, S. Fusil, C. Carrétéro, J. M. Le Breton, A. Barthélémy, M. Bibes, J. Juraszek, and V. Nagarajan
Phys. Rev. Mat. 3, 104404 (2019).

Size-dependent bistability in multiferroic nanoparticles
B. M. Allen, I. Aupiais, M. Cazayous, R. de Sousa
Phys. Rev. Mat. 3, 084402 (2019).

Magnetic transitions in CaMn7O12: Raman observation of spin-phonon couplings
C. Toulouse, C. Martin, M-A. Measson, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, and M. Cazayous
Phys. Rev. B 99, 024303 (2019).

Colossal electromagnon excitation in the non-cycloidal phase of TbMnO3 under pressure
Ian Aupiais, Masahito Mochizuki, Hideaki Sakata, Romain Grasset, Yann Gallais, Alain Sacuto & Maximilien Cazayous
NPJ Quantum Materials 3, 60 (2018).

Role of the rare earth in lattice and magnetic coupling in multiferroic h - HoMnO3
Liu, J , Gallais, Y; Measson, MA; Sacuto, A ; Cheong, SW; Cazayous, M
Physcial Review B 95, 195104, (2017).

Strain and magnetic field induced spin-structure transitions in multiferroic BiFeO3
A. Agbelele, D. Sando, C. Toulouse, C. Paillard, R. D. Johnson, R. Rüffer, A. F. Popkov, C. Carrétéro, P. Rovillain, J.-M. Le Breton, B. Dkhil, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, M.-A. Méasson, A. Sacuto, P. Manuel, A. K. Zvezdin, A. Barthélémy, J. Juraszek, and M. Bibes
Advanced Materials, 1602327 (2017).

Temperature evolution of the band gap in BiFeO3 traced by resonant Raman scattering
Mads Christof Weber, Mael Guennou, Constance Toulouse, Maximilien Cazayous, Yannick Gillet, Xavier Gonze, and Jens Kreisel
Phys. Rev. B 93, 125204 (2016).

Driving spin excitations by hydrostatic pressure in BiFeO3 single crystals
J. Buhot, C. Toulouse, M-A. Méasson, , Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, R. de Sousa, D. Wang, L. Bellaiche, M. Bibes, A. Barthelemy, A. Forget, D. Colson and M. Cazayous
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 267204 (2015).

Phonons in the multiferroic langasite Ba3NbFe3Si2O14: Evidence for symmetry breaking
C. Toulouse, M. Cazayous, S. de Brion, L. Chaix, J. B. Brubach, and P. Roy
Phys. Rev. B 92, 104302 (2015).

Matériaux Multiférroïques, structure, ordres et couplages. Une étude par spectroscopie Raman
Thèse de Doctorat de Constance Toulouse, Université Paris Diderot - Université Paris Sud - DGA

Lattice and spin excitations in multiferroic h-YMnO3
C. Toulouse, J. Liu, Y. Gallais, M-A. Méasson, A. Sacuto, M. Cazayous, L. Chaix, V. Simonet, S. de Brion, L. Pinsart-Godart, F. Willaert, J. B. Brubach, P. Roy et S. Petit
Physical Review B 89, 094415 (2014).

Crafting the magnonic and spintronic response of BiFeO3 films by epitaxial strain
D. Sando, A. Agbelele, D. Rahmedov, J. Liu, P. Rovillain, C. Toulouse, I.C. Infante, A. P. Pyatakov, S. Fusil, E. Jacquet, C. Carretero, C. Deranlot, S. Lisenkov, D. Wang, J. M. Le Breton, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto, J. Juraszek, A. K. Zvezdin, L. Bellaiche, B. Dkhil, A. Barthelemy, M. Bibes
Nature Materials 12, 641 (2013).

Electromagnon and phonon excitations in multiferroic TbMn03
P. Rovillain, J. Liu, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, M.A. Méasson, H. Sakata et A. Sacuto
Physical Review B 86, 014437 (2012).

Magnetic field induced Deshybridization of the electromagnons in multiferroic in TbMnO3
P. Rovillain, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, M.A. Measson et H. Sakata et M. Mochizuki
Physical Review Letters 107, 027202 (2011).

Electric field control of spin waves at room temperature in multiferroic BiFeO3
P. Rovillain, R. De Sousa, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, M.-A Méasson, D. Colson, A. Forget, M. Bibes, A. Barthélémy et M. Cazayous
Nature Materials 9, 975 (2010).

Polar phonons and spin excitations coupling in multiferroic BiFeO3 crystals
P. Rovillain, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, A. sacuto, R.P.S.M. Lobo, D. Lebeugle and D. Colson
Physical Review B 79, 180411(R) (2009).

Possible observation of cycloidal electromagnons in BiFeO3
M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, R. de Sousa, D. Lebeugle, and D. Colson
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 037601 (2008).

Electric field effect on BiFeO3 single crystal investigated by Raman spectroscopy
M. Cazayous, D. Malka, D. Lebeugle, and D. Colson
Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 71910 (2007).