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Lithography is an essential element of cleanrooms, it defines the pattern through optical or electronic resists. We dispose of 2 exposure equipments: the first, optical, has a resolution of 1µm, while the second, electronic, could reach theoretically 20nm of resolution.

photolithography room

- One for coating wafers, with 2 spinners Delta 10 Süss Microtec, 3 integrated hot plates, and one oven drying (Oven Temperature max 200°C)

Resist Hood
©CNRS Phototèque - C. Frésillon

the resist available in the cleanroom are :

  • For the Positive resists : S1800 series, AZ4533, AZ9260 and PMMA 950 A6.
  • For the Negative resists : Az nLof 2070, SU8 series (0.5 to 100µm) and MaN2400 series
  • For Image-Reversal resists, use in litf-off processes : AZ5214E, TI35ES.

    - Mask Aligner MJB4 simple face Süss Microtec

  • Sample of 5×5 mm to 3 inches
  • Mask size : 2 to 5 inches
  • Spatial resolution :
    Mask holder
    Photo L. Doyennette

Contact mode
Soft contact
2 µm
Hard contact
1 µm
Vacuum contact
0,8 µm
  • 3 microscope optics : ×5, ×10, ×18 with minimal working distance of 12mm
  • Lamp intensity : about 12mW/cm2 at 365nm
    (possibility of using bandpass filter around 365nm)
    Mask Aligner MJB4
    ©CNRS Phototèque - C. Frésillon

    - Raith Pioneer Two

    Raith Pioneer Two
    © Raith

    The system Raith allow to control the electron beam in order to manage the exposition of electro-sensitive resists as PMMA, SU8 or MaN.
    Some technical specifications :

High Tesnsion
0.1 to 30kV
7µm to 120µm
5pA to 100nA
Mask file type

- 1 hood for the development of resists
The developer available are :

AZ & Ti series
AZ400K / AZ326MIF
Remover AZ100, SVC14 or PG
S1800 series
MF319 / 351 / MF-CD-26
Remover PG
SU8 series
SU8 Developer
Acetone / trichlo.
MaN 2400 series
Development Hood
©CNRS Phototèque - C. Frésillon