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Equipe Catalyse - IRCELYON

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  • Alkene hydrogenation on metal surfaces: why and when are Pd overlayers more efficient catalysts than bulk Pd?

A. Valcarcel, F. Morfin, L. Piccolo,
Journal of Catalysis 263, 315-320 (2009)

  • Structure of the Pd8Ni92(110) catalytic surface from first principles

A. Valcarcel, D. Loffreda, F. Delbecq, L. Piccolo,
Physical Review B 76, 125406/1-7 (2007)

  • Hydrogen absorption and oxidation at Pd and Pd-Au (111) surfaces

L. Piccolo, A. Piednoir, J.C. Bertolini,
Surface Science 600, 4211-4215 (2006)

  • Pd-Au single-crystal surfaces: Segregation properties and catalytic activity in the selective hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene

L. Piccolo, A. Piednoir, J.C. Bertolini,
Surface Science 592, 169-181 (2005)

  • Structures and associated catalytic properties of well-defined nanoparticles produced by laser vaporisation of alloy rods

V. Caps, S. Arrii, F. Morfin, G. Bergeret, J.L. Rousset, Faraday discussions 138, 241-256 (2008)

  • Bimetallic PtPd on zirconia catalysts for hydrotreating purposes

E. Devers, C. Geantet, P. Afanasiev, M. Vrinat, M. Aouine, J.L. Zotin,
Applied Catalysis A 322, 172-177 (2007)