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Internships, Ph.D, post-docs

We propose the following internship and PhD positions :

Magnetic chirality at ferromagnet/molecule interfaces

Salary : yes Possibility to continue with a Ph.D ? yes Source of funding : EDPIF
Experimental technics : Scanning Tunneling Microscopy ; Magneto-optical Kerr effect ; Synchrotron (surface x-ray (...)

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Master 2 internship + PhD thesis: Defect engineering in 2D materials

PhD director : Jérôme Lagoute E-mail : Phone : Web page: Funding : YES (ANR project)
The isolation of (...)

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Symmetry and epitaxial constrain on molecular magnetic switching

Income : yes Possibility to continue with PhD: yes Funding: EDPIF (doctoral school)
Techniques used : Scanning tunneling microscopy, grazing x-ray diffraction (synchrotron techniques ) (...)

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