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Research projects

Electric and thermoelectric response of hBN/WSe2 bsed transistors

Transition metal dichalcogenides represent an emerging platform for new nanoscale energy conversion solutions [1-3]. The thermoelectric performance of devices based on two-dimensional materials (...)

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Electromigrated ultra-small quantum dots based on carbon nanotube

Single molecule devices suffer of the difficulty to be able to put a single molecule between two nanometer-spaced electrodes. Single wall carbone nanotube (SWCNT) are giant molecules which have (...)

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Electronic transport in oligothiophene based junctions

TELEM group n collaboration with the Nanoelectrochemistry group of the ITODYS laboratory is developping i a project on the study of transport properties of molecular junctions obtained by (...)

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Molecular spintronics with functionnal molecules

Organic materials (with light elements like C, N, O or H) are excellent candidates for the next generation of all-spin logic devices [1] for which the steps of storage and propagation of the spin (...)

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Quantum interferences in cross-conjugated based planar junctions

Quantum interference due to the wave nature of electrons is a well known quantum effect in mesoscopic physics. When electrons propagate coherently through a circuit, the topology of the system (...)

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Thermal properties of two-dimensional (2D) materials

Thermal properties of two-dimensional (2D) materials are of fundamental interest for energy recovery and electron cooling at the nanoscale [1–3]. Exploring thermal transport in 2D systems is a (...)

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