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Advanced electron microscopy


Investigate the structure and chemistry of materials from the micron level down to the atomic scale is of primary importance for understanding their fascinating properties. In that regards, electron microscopy (both transmission and scanning electron microscopes) is one of the most complete characterization tools, because it gives access to morphological, structural, chemical and electronic information on bulk or nano-sized materials.

The following equipments are open to the scientific community through the Paris University Platform. Access to these facilities is granted to researchers and industrialists whose proposals are accepted by the Me-ANS group. For general questions or to send your 1 page proposal, please contact Damien Alloyeau

Microscope Schedule

Transmission electron microscopes

Scaning electron microscope

Sample preparation

  • Carbon evaporator
  • Ion thinning system
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Vapor phase deposition technique (MBE and PLD)

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