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Thin film deposition

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We have several solutions to deposit thin laers of insulating or conducting materials. The layers could be thin (few nm) to several microns.

- Electron beam Evaporation - Plassys MEB 550S

E-Beam Evaporator
© Photo H. De Brus

This evaporator works with a 10KeV electron gun, which allow us to deposit several material like : Ag, Al, Au, Co, Ge, Pd, Pd/Ni, Pt, Ni and Ti.

Sample holder

We can add materials on demand.
We also can do in-situ oxidation (static or dynamic way on 2 to 3nm) or sample milling with an Ion gun (Argon).
Finnaly, we have the possibility to heat the substrate holder up to 300°C or to cool dowb him with liquid Nitrogen and use a tilt for the deposition (-90°/+90°)
Area of deposition : max 4 inches (10cm)

- PECVD Deposition [1] - Corial D250

© Photo H. De Brus

This Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) system allow us to deposit only Oxide and Nitride silicon (SiO2 or Si3N4).

SiO2 Deposition
&copy photo H. De Brus

We can deposit layer(s) from 10 to 4000µm in a single run, with a deposition rate up to 100nm/min.
The reactor is coumposed with a 300W RF generator at 13.56MHz and some gas line like SiH4, NH3 and N2O (SF6 for cleaning processes).
The temperature of deposition available are 150°C or 280°C for a maximum sample size of 8 inches (20cm).

- Gold Electroplating

Electroplating deposition system

Our system could deposit a maximum of 10µm of gold.
Sample size : max 2 pouces

[1(Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)