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The world tour of the superconducting Surf

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On PBS Nova Show entitled "Making stuff Colder", the SQUAP Team shows levitation experiments on Superconductors. Cold is the new hot in this brave new world. For centuries we’ve fought it, shunned it, and huddled against it. Cold has always been the enemy of life, but now it may hold the key to a new generation of science and technology that will improve our lives. In "Making Stuff : Colder," David Pogue from the New York Times visits the SQUAP team to explore the frontiers of cold science and discover the superconducting levitation and the MagSurf.
The SQUAP team thanks Alexandre Boucaud for his participation to the video.

Few months before, the american actor Will Smith had experienced the MagSurf during a popularization show on the Spanish TV.
And the YouTube video of the MagSurf has been seen 720 000 times and translated in several languages !

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Part of the TV show on PBS.

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