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Quantum transport

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Transport in quantum impurity systems and 1D channels
The description of non equilibrium physics in interacting quantum impurity systems, which is intimately related to the possibility of understanding the behavior of e.g. single-electron electronic devices in their non linear regimes, has been one of the research axis. One of the difficulties in this field resides in that even for the simplest impurity systems, there is no well established framework to capture in a controlled way non-equilibrium physics, even for the simplest quantities like the current-voltage characteristics. We have exploited an equilibrium mathematical property, namely the integrable structure present in some interacting quantum impurity systems, to derive exactly results for the non-linear out-of-equilibrium regime. Another activity of research is focused on one-dimensional conductors, such as those offered by the edge states in quantum Hall systems.

Cavity-embedded transport and vacuum-dressed electronics
A recent activity is focussing on the modification of dc electronic transport induced by the presence of a cavity mode, with a particular emphasis on effects due to vacuum dressing, i.e., when no photon is injected into the cavity system. This fundamental problem is also relevant for technological applications thanks to the ability of controlling the electronic transport passively.

Contact : E. Boulat, E. Bringuier, C. Ciuti