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Quantum fluids and manybody physics

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Quantum fluids of light
We explore theoretically the physics of quantum fluids of light in continuous and lattice systems with sizeable and controllable photon-photon interactions mediated by electronic excitations, including semiconductor microcavities and superconducting quantum circuits. Our investigations deal with superfluidity, non-equilibrium phase transitions, quantum simulation and quantum-state engineering. We develop original theoretical models for open quantum manybody systems to tackle the non-equilibrium phases and the prediction of their dynamics.

Manybody physics and localization phenomena in gases of ultra-cold atoms
We investigate the theory of ultra-cold atoms as quantum simulators of condensed matter systems. In this context we study the competition between magnetism and Cooper pairing in low-dimensional strongly correlated fermionic mixtures. We also explore Anderson localization of particles in random potentials and its generalization to interacting systems.

Contacts : C. Ciuti, A. Le Boité, G. Orso

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