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The “Matériaux and Phénomènes Quantiques” laboratory is actively looking for high profile candidates for a CNRS permanent position (“chargé de recherche”) starting in 2023 (in section 3). In this context, the TELEM team is looking for an excellent experimentalist in the field of quantum transport in 2D materials and heterostructures with an extensive experience in nanofabrication, electrical and magneto-electrical measurements of nanoscale devices. The successfull applicant will join a dynamic experimental research group working on charge, spin and heat transport at the nanoscale. The MPQ laboratory is offering a large variety of experimental facilities including a fully equipped micro- and nanofabrication cleanroom and various magneto-transport and characterizations setups.

contacts :
Maria Luisa Della Rocca (
Clement Barraud (
Francois Mallet (
Philippe Lafarge (
Cristiano Ciuti, head of the MPQ laboratory (