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We dispose in the cleanroom of a SEM, a surface profiler and 2 optical microscopes

- FEG - SEM [1] Raith Pioneer Two

Raith Pioneer Two
© Raith

Our Seconadary Electron Microscope with field-emission gun provide us the ideal system to inspect our sample during processes.

Technical specifications :

Acceleration Voltage
0.1 - 30kV
Probe current
5pA to 100nA
In-lens SE
Everhart Thornley SE
1-2nm at 10kV

- Mecanic Surface Profilometer - Dektak 150

© CNRS Photothèque / Cyril Frésillon

This equipment is use for :
> Step height measurements
> Film stress analyses
> Roughness surface characterization
> Advanced 3D mapping

In the following table, you can see the step resolution :

Stylet 2.5µm
Resolution at 3mg
Vertical Scale
65.5 µm
1 mm

Available Stylus : 2.5µm & 12.5µm (stylus radius)
Stylus Force : 0.03mg to 15mg (in function of materials)

- Optical Microscope - Nikon LV100 et LV150

Microscope optique Nikon LV150
© CNRS Photothèque / Cyril Frésillon

> Optical microscope equipt with 4 optics (x5, x20, x50, x150)
> Illumination in Bright/DarkField

The laboratory also possesses a platform of electron microscopy, detail here.

[1( field-emission gun scanning electron microscope)