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Hybrid quantum systems

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We explore theoretically the physics of hybrid quantum systems, encompassing cavity-embedded semiconductor quantum wells, superconducting circuit QED systems and quantum optomechanical platforms.

Ultrastrong coupling regime in cavity and circuit QED
We are interested in the ultrastrong coupling regime, achieved when the light-matter coupling becomes comparable to the photon frequency. In particular, this can be achieved using 2D electron gases in cavity-embedded semiconductors and in circuit QED systems coupling microwave resonators to Josephson junction artificial atoms. We explore how this peculiar regime modifies both the ground and the hybrid excited states (called polaritons), with a particular interest in vacuum-dressed phenomena.

We investigate fundamental properties of systems where the the mechanical motion is coupled to optical and/or electronic degrees of freedom. We are interested both in exotic quantum behavior and in applications for quantum sensing and quantum interfaces.

Contacts : C. Ciuti, A. Le Boité, G. Orso

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