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Cleanroom overview

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A clean room is characterized by its controlled concentration of dust particles suspended in air, in order to minimize the introduction, the generation, as well as the particle retention. The air passes through high efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) to achieve the desired level of particles. The airflow station can renew the air throughout the room 25 times per hour.

Our platform is composed by a dust controlled area class ISO7 (Class 10 000) with laminar flow hood class ISO5 (class 100), these classes are defined as follow :

Class ISO
Particles per m3
Particles size
≥ 0.1µm
≥ 0.3µm
≥ 0.5µm
≥ 0.5µm [/foot3] [1]
Class ISO 5
100 000
10 200
3 520
Class ISO 6
1 000 000
102 000
35 200
1 000
Class ISO 7
352 000
10 000

In order to understand clearly why whe use a cleanroom in our laboratory, you can take a look on the following illustration.

Critical Particules

Parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and pressure are also monitored.
Here, the temperature is maintained at 20°C, with 50% humidity, and the cleanroom is maintained at static pressures higher than atmospheric to prevent infiltration of dust or particles.

For more information, you can watch the following video "⚠️ <font color=#06C>Une salle blanche à Paris Diderot</font>".

[1American standard