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CNRS permanent researcher

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The MPQ laboratory in Paris will have the opportunity to recruit a CNRS researcher in section 03 of the CNRS in 2023.

Consequently, the SQUAP (Quasi-particle Spectroscopy) team of the Quantum Materials and Phenomena laboratory wishes to recruit (in 2023) a CNRS researcher with a good knowledge of static or time-resolved optical / THz spectroscopies for the study of quantum materials.

In particular, he/she will be required to develop the study of materials and 2D quantum devices (expertise in the elaboration or development of devices in clean rooms appreciated), or the study of materials with strong electronic correlations under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature.

Proficiency in french is not a pre-requisite.

If you are interested, please email one of the people below :

Candidates should contact Yann Gallais (yann.gallais(at), Maximilien Cazayous (maximilien.cazayous(at) and Alain Sacuto (alain.sacuto(at)