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Article ’Quantum fluids of light’ on Reviews of Modern Physics

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A review of recent theoretical and experimental advances in the fundamental understanding and active control of quantum fluids of light in nonlinear optical systems has been published in Reviews of Modern Physics. In the presence of effective photon-photon interactions induced by the optical nonlinearity of the medium, a many-photon system can behave collectively as a quantum fluid with a number of novel fascinating features stemming from its intrinsically non-equilibrium nature.

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A fluid of light flowing past an obstacle (circle in (a)) in a planar optical cavity.
(a) Spatial profile of the excitation laser spot. (b) Superfluid regime. (c) Turbulent regime with creation of vortex-antivortex pairs. (d-f) Stable regime with dark oblique solitons.

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I. Carusotto and C. Ciuti, Rev. Mod. Phys. 85, 299 (2013).

(Note : 68 pages, 36 figures, 594 references in the bibliography)