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A twin photon laser pointer

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Quantum information is a field of science relying on the laws of quantum mechanics aiming to improve the acquisition, transmission and processing of information with respect to classical systems. In parallel to fundamental research, that uses complex laboratory equipment, we assist today to a bourgeoning of quantum information technologies bound for the demonstration of ‘plug and play’ devices able to integrate several ‘quantum’ components in miniature chips.
In this context researchers from MPQ Laboratory, in the framework of a collaboration with LPN, have demonstrated the first electrically driven source of twin photons operating at room temperature. The device is realized using conventional diode laser fabrication processing and emits photons pairs in the telecom range, thus being compatible with the existing telecom network. This result opens the way to a new generation of devices where the production, manipulation, and measurement of quantum states of light occur in the same chip and constitutes a major step towards a widespread diffusion of quantum technologies.

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Sketch of the twin photon laser pointer

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Electrically Injected Photon-Pair Source at Room Temperature.
F. Boitier, A. Orieux, C. Autebert, A. Lemaître, E. Galopin, C. Manquest, C. Sirtori, I. Favero, G. Leo and S. Ducci, Physical Review Letters 112, 183901 (2014).

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