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Journal Articles

Identification of two regimes of carrier thermalization in PbS nanocrystal assemblies
A. Caillas, S. Suffit, P. Filloux, E. Lhuillier, and A. Degiron
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 12, 5123 (2021).

A multiphysics model for ultra-high frequency optomechanical resonators optically actuated and detected in the oscillating mode
S. Sbarra, P. E. Allain, S. Suffit, A. Lemaître, and I. Favero
APL Photonics 6, 086111 (2021).

Opto-thermally controlled beam steering in nonlinear all-dielectric metastructures
D. Rocco, M. Gandolfi, A. Tognazzi, S. Makarov, G. Zograf, O. Pashina, K. Frizyuk, C. Gigli, G. Leo, M. Petrov, and C. De Angelis
Opt. Express 29, 37128 (2021).

Ultrafast All-Optically Recongurable Nonlinear Nanoantenna
E. A. A. Pogna, M. Celebrano, A. Mazzanti, L. Ghirardini, L. Carletti, G. Marino, A. Schirato, D. Viola, P. Laporta, C. De Angelis, G. Leo, G. Cerullo, M. Finazzi, and G. Della Valle
ACS Nano 15, 11150 (2021).

Ultrafast All-Optically Recongurable Nonlinear Nanoantenna
V. Vinel, Z. Li, A. Borne, A. Bensemhoun, I. Favero, C. Ciuti, and G. Leo
Opt. Express 29, 34015 (2021).

Electrically injected InGaAsP/AlGaAs OPO : design and technology
A. Gerini, M. Ravaro, C. Théveneau, M. Garcia, B. Gérard, M. Krakowski, and G. Leo
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 38, B40 (2021).

Infrared up-conversion imaging in nonlinear metasurfaces
R. Camacho-Morales, D. Rocco, L. Xu, V. F. Gili, N. Dimitrov, L. Stoyanov, Z. Ma, A. Komar, M. Lysevych, F. Karouta, A. Dreischuh, H. H. Tan, G. Leo, C. De Angelis, C. Jagadish, A. E. Miroshnichenko, M. Rahmani, and D. N. Neshev
Adv. Photon.3, 036002 (2021).

Electro-optomechanical modulation instability in a semiconductor resonator
P. E. Allain, B. Guha, C. Baker, D. Parrain, A. Lemaître, G. Leo, and I. Favero
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 243901 (2021).

Fundamental limitations of Huygens’ metasurfaces : hidden symmetries and meta-atoms coupling
C. Gigli, Q. Li, P. Chavel, G. Leo, M. Brongersma, and P. Lalanne
Laser Photon. Rev. 15, 2000448 (2021).

Multi-resonant all-dielectric nanoantennas for ultrafast all-optical add/drop multiplexing
A. Mazzanti, E. A. A. Pogna, L. Ghirardini, M. Celebrano, A. Schirato, G. Marino, M. Finazzi, C. De Angelis, G. Leo, G. Cerullo, and G. Della Valle
Small Science 1, 2000079 (2021).

Harmonic generation with multi-layer dielectric metasurfaces
G. Marino, D. Rocco, C. Gigli, K. Pantzas, S. Suffit, P. Filloux, G. Baudoin, I. Sagnes, G. Leo, and C. De Angelis
Nanophotonics 10, 1837 (2021).

Optical tuning of dielectric nanoantennas for thermo-optical reconfigurable nonlinear metasurfaces
M. Celebrano, D. Rocco, M. Gandolfi, A. Zilli, F. Rusconi, A. Tognazzi, A. Mazzanti, L. Ghirardini, Eva A. A. Pogna, L. Carletti, C. Baratto, G. Marino, C. Gigli, P. Biagioni, L. Duò, G. Cerullo, G. Leo, G. Della Valle, M. Finazzi, and C. De Angelis
Opt. Lett. 46, 2453 (2021).

Frequency Tripling via Sum-Frequency Generation at the Nanoscale
A. Zilli, D. Rocco, M. Finazzi, A. Di Francescantonio, L. Duò, C. Gigli, G. Marino, G. Leo, C. De Angelis, and M. Celebrano
ACS Photonics 8, 1175 (2021).

Tensorial phase control in nonlinear meta-optics
C. Gigli, G. Marino, A. Artioli, D. Rocco, C. De Angelis, J. Claudon, J.-M. Gérard, and G. Leo
Optica 8, 269 (2021).


- C. Gigli, G. Marino, D. Rocco, C. De Angelis, A. Artioli, J. Claudon, J.-M. Gérard, and G. Leo, "Nonlinear meta-lens with all dielectric metasurfaces", SPIE OPTO, San Francisco, USA, March 2021.