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23 September 2022

Spintronics at the source of information

In their recent work in the field of spin electronics, spintronics, led by Dr. Pascal Martin and Dr. Clément Barraud, research teams from the Interfaces Traitements Organisation et DYnamique des (...)

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1 April 2022

Hybrid heterostructures for spintronics

Spintronics is a quantum technology that aims to add the quantum spin degree of freedom to conventional CMOS electronics. Since the discovery of giant magnetoresistance in 1988 by Albert Fert and (...)

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13 October 2021

Cristiano Ciuti elected Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS)

Prof. Cristiano Ciuti, head of the MPQ laboratory, has been elected Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS). He receives this prestigious recognition “for pioneering theoretical work on the (...)

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27 August 2021

A light-controlled mechanical frequency comb

Through optomechanical experiments in a semiconductor micro-resonator, researchers from the DON team of the MPQ laboratory, in collaboration with the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, (...)

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3 March 2021

Exploring the elasticity of multiferroic materials

Multiferroics are materials that simultaneously display a ferroelectric and a magnetic order, which in some cases interact. The combination of these properties holds promises for future hybrid (...)

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