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Alain Sacuto


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Professor - University of Paris

email : alain.sacuto(at)

tel : +33 1 57 27 62 36
fax: + 33 1 57 27 62 41

address :
Condorcet building
6th floor, Office 644B
10 Alice Domon and Léonie Duquet road
75205 Paris cedex 13


- Team leader of SQUAP team (QUAsiParticle Spectroscopy)

- Strongly correlated electrons : superconductivity (cuprates, pnictides, dichalcogenides), Multiferroics, competing orders, low-dimensionnal systems


Collective Responsabilities

- Head of the Physics Department of Paris-Diderot, Paris 7 (2009-2012)
- Chair of the teaching committee at the Physics Department (2007-2009)
- Director of the undergraduate studies of physics at University Paris 7
- Head of the 2nd year of the Master in Physics course at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm).
- Examiner for the admission to Ecole Polytechnique (section Math. & Physics).
- Elected member of CNRS National Committee (section 06, condensed matter) (2004-2008)
- Elected member of the scientific council of the laboratory Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques (MPQ) (since 2012)

Science for large audience

- La supraconductivité à haute température dans les oxydes de cuivre : où en est-on ?, A. Sacuto, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous and S. Houver, " Les reflets de la Physique, numéro 70, October 2021 see:

- Article dans le CNRS Hebdo (octobre 2019): "Un premier pas vers la compréhension de la supraconductivité des oxydes de cuivre" ,

- L’interview d’Alain Sacuto (professeur) et Nicolas Auvray (doctorant) de l’équipe SQUAP dans l’émission "La méthode scientifique" sur France culture (décembre 2018). Ils nous guident pour une visite de la salle de manip, avec expérience de spectroscopie Raman sur un supraconducteur à haute température critique.

- Le Mag Surf à l’honneur dans le journal "Le Monde" à l’occasion de l’anniversaire du film "Retour vers le futur"le 21 octobre 2015:

- Initiator and manufacturer of the “MAGSURF” (surfing superconductor) with my research team in 2011 . National and international patents: (FR1159134 and
PCT/FR2012/052303) (A. Sacuto, M. Méasson, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais)

- Television documentaries:
A. Sacuto invited by D. Pogue from the New York Times to present the superconducting levitation on the American public channel " PBS " In the scientific program " NOVA US TV show and issued on 30 in October 2013.

- FuturE-MAG Flying train :

- " L’esprit sorcier" : le site de la science et de la découverte

- Movies: Initiator along with A. Monclin and J.Bobroff of the film “100% conductor : the superconductors” This film was co-financed by Paris Diderot and CNRS:

- Conferences for a large audience: A. Sacuto, Superconductivity or How to levitate? Debates about Science at the Embassy of France in Russia, Moscow, 21 July 2012 (invited by Jean-Marie Freyssinet Advisor for Science, Technology and Space in Russia).


- 2009 : Head of the Physics Department of Paris-Diderot, Paris 7 (during 3 years)
- 2009 : Professor at University Paris -Diderot / Paris 7 (first class)
- 2002 : Professor at University Paris -Diderot / Paris 7 (second class)
- 2000 : Habilitation Diploma from University of Pierre et Marie Curie. "Study of electronic excitations in cuprates by inelastic light scattering»;
- 1993 : «Maître de Conférences » (assistant professor) at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm)
- 1992 : Ph. D. in condensed matter physics, University -Paris 6
- 1991 : Laureate of the “Young Scientist Award from the EMRS”
- 1990 : “Moniteur” (teaching assistant) at the « Palais de la Découverte » at Paris

A complete list of publications is available on the website

- Exploration of Hg-based cuprate superconductors by Raman spectroscopy
under hydrostatic pressure

N. Auvray , B. Loret, S. Chibani R. Grasset, Y. Guarnelli, P. Parisiades, A. Forget,
D. Colson, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, and A. Sacuto.
Phys. Rev. B 103, 195130 (2021)

- Amplitude mode of charge density wave in TTF[Ni(dmit)2]2 observed
by electronic Raman scattering

M. Revelli Beaumont, Y. Gallais , A. Sacuto , K. Jacob, L. Valade , D. de Caro,
C. Faulmann, and M. Cazayous.
Phys. Rev. B 103, 035139 (2021)

- Universal relationship between the energy scales of the pseudogap phase, the superconducting state,and the charge-density-wave order in copper oxide superconductors
B. Loret, N. Auvray, G. D. Gu A. Forget, D. Colson, M. Cazayous,Y. Gallais ,I. Paul,M. Civelli and A. Sacuto.
Phys. Rev. B 101, 214520 (2020)

- Intimate link between Charge Density Wave, Pseudogap and Superconducting Energy Scales in Cuprates
B. Loret, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, A. Forget, D. Colson, M. -H. Julien, I. Paul, M. Civelli and A. Sacuto
Nature Physics vol. 15, pages 771–775 (2019)
On the website :
See also: arXiv:1808.08198

- Crystal growth and doping control of HgBa2CuO4+δ, the model compound for high-Tc superconductors
A .Legros, B. Loret, A. Forget, P. Bonnaillie, G. Colline, P. Thuéry, A. Sacuto, D. Colson Materials Research Bulletin, 118, 110479, (2019)

- Critical nematic fluctuations at the onset of the pseudogap phase in the cuprate superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ
N. Auvray, S. Benhabib, M. Cazayous, R. D. Zhong, J. Schneeloch, G. D. Gu, A. Forget, D. Colson, I. Paul, A. Sacuto, Y. Gallais
Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 5209 (2019)

- Probing chiral electronic excitations in bilayer graphene by Raman scattering
E. Riccardi, O. Kashuba, M. Cazayous, MA Measson, A. Sacuto and Y. Gallais.
Phys. Review Maerials 3, 014002 (2019).

- Pressure-Induced Collapse of the Charge Density Wave and Higgs Mode Visibility in 2H−TaS2
Romain Grasset, Yann Gallais, Alain Sacuto, Maximilien Cazayous, Samuel Mañas-Valero, Eugenio Coronado, and Marie-Aude Méasson
Phys. Rev. Letters 122, 127001 (2019).

- Raman and ARPES combined study on the connection between the existence of the pseudogap and the topology of the Fermi surface in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ
B. Loret, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, R. D. Zhong, J. Schneeloch, G. D. Gu, A. Fedorov, T. K. Kim, S. V. Borisenko, and A. Sacuto
Physical Review B 97, 174521 (2018).

- Colossal electromagnon excitation in the non-cycloidal phase of TbMnO3 under pressure
Ian Aupiais, Masahito Mochizuki, Hideaki Sakata, Romain Grasset, Yann Gallais, Alain Sacuto & Maximilien Cazayous .
npj Quantum Materials vol. 3, Article number : 60 (2018).

- Higgs-mode radiance and charge-density-wave order in 2H−NbSe2
R. Grasset, T. Cea, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto, L. Cario, L. Benfatto, and M.A. Méasson Physical Review B 97, 094502 (2018).

- Vertical temperature boundary of the pseudogap under the superconducting dome in the phase diagram of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ
B. Loret, S. Sakai, S. Benhabib, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, M. A. Méasson, R. D. Zhong, J. Schneeloch, G. D. Gu, A. Forget, D. Colson, I. Paul, M. Civelli, and A. Sacuto
Physical Review 96, 094525 (2017) (2017).

- Unconventional High-Energy-State Contribution to the Cooper Pairing in the Underdoped Copper-Oxide Superconductor HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+δ
B. Loret, S. Sakai, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, M.-A. Méasson, A. Forget, D. Colson, M. Civelli, and A. Sacuto
Phys. Review Letters 116, 197001 (2016).

- Collapse of the Normal-State Pseudogap at a Lifshitz Transition in the Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ Cuprate Superconductor
S. Benhabib, A. Sacuto, M. Civelli, I. Paul, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, M.-A. Méasson, R. D. Zhong, J. Schneeloch, G. D. Gu, D. Colson, and A. Forget
Physical Review Letters 114, 147001 (2015)

- Symmetry of the Excitations in the Hidden Order State of URu2Si2
J. Buhot, M.-A. Méasson, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto, G. Lapertot, and D. Aoki
Physical Review Letters 113, 266405 (2014)

- Amplitude Higgs mode in the 2H−NbSe2 superconductor
M.-A. Méasson, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, B. Clair, P. Rodière, L. Cario, and A. Sacuto
Physical Review B 89, 060503(R) (2014)

- Temperature-induced change in the Fermi surface topology in the spin density wave phase of Sr(Fe1−xCox)2As2
Y.-X. Yang, Y. Gallais, F. Rullier-Albenque, M.-A. Méasson, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto, J. Shi, D. Colson, and A. Forget
Physical Review B 89, 125130 (2014)

- Lattice and spin excitations in multiferroic h-YMnO3 C. Toulouse, J. Liu, Y. Gallais, M.-A. Measson, A. Sacuto, M. Cazayous, L. Chaix, V. Simonet, S. de Brion, L. Pinsard-Godart, F. Willaert, J. B. Brubach, P. Roy, and S. Petit
Physical Review B 89, 094415 (2014)

- Raman scattering measurements and theory of the energy-momentum spectrum for underdoped Bi2212 superconductors: existence of an s-wave structure for the pseudogap S. Sakai, S. Blanc, M. Civelli, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, M.A. Méasson, J.S. Wen, Z.X. Xu, G. Gu, G. Sangiovanni, Y. Motome, K. Held, A. Sacuto, A. Georges and M. Imada, Physical Review Letters 111, 107001 (2013)

- Pseusogap in Cuprates by Electronic Raman Scattering
A. Sacuto, S. Benhabib, Y. Gallais, S. Blanc, M. Cazayous, M.-A. Méasson, J.S. Wen, Z.J. Zhu and G.D. Gu Journal of Physics : Conference Series 449, 012011 (2013)

- New insights into the phase diagram of the copper oxide superconductors from electronic Raman scattering
A. Sacuto, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, M.A. Méasson, D. Colson, G.D. Gu Report on Progress in Physics (invited review) 76, 022502 (2013)

- Observation of incipent charge nematic order in Co-Ba122
Y. Gallais, R.M. Fernandes, I. Paul, L. Chauvière, Y.X. Yang, M.A. Méasson, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto, D. Colson and A. Forget, Physical Review Letters 111, 267001 (2013)

- Electromagnon and phonon excitations in multiferroic TbMn03
P. Rovillain, J. Liu, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, M.A. Méasson, H. Sakata et A. Sacuto Physical Review B 86, 014437 (2012)

- Electronic Raman scattering in copper oxide superconductors: understanding the phase diagram
A. Sacuto, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, M.A. Méasson, S. Blanc, J.S. Wen, Z.J. Xu, G. Gu et D. Colson,
Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences 12, 480 (2011)

- Magnetic field induced dehybridization of the electromagnons in multiferroic TbMnO3 P. Rovillain, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, M-A. Measson, A. Sacuto, H. Sakata, M. Mochizuki, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 027202 (2011)

- Raman scattering study of Spin-Density-Wave order and electron-phonon coupling in Ba(Fe1-xCox) 2As2 L. Chauvière, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, M.A. Méasson, A. Sacuto, D. Colson, A. Forget, Phys.Rev B 84, 104508 (2011) .

- Loss of antinodal coherence with a single d-wave superconducting gap leads to two energy scales for underdoped cuprate superconductors
S. Blanc, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, M.A. Measson, A. Sacuto, A. Georges, G.D. Gu, J.S. Wen, Z.J. Xu, D. Colson, A. Forget. Physical Review B 82, 144516 (2010)

- Electric field control of spin waves at room temperature in multiferroic BiFeO3
P. Rovillain, R. De Sousa, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, M.-A Méasson, D. Colson, A. Forget, M. Bibes, A. Barthélémy et M. Cazayous,
Nature Materials 9, 975 (2010)

- Quantitative measurements of the evolution of the Cooper pair density with doping in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 S. Blanc, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, M. Cazayous, M.A. Measson, G.D. Gu, J.S. Wen, Z.J. Xu, Phys. Rev. B 80, 140502 (2009)

- Temperature dependence of the gap size near the Brillouin zone nodes of HgBa2CuO4 W. Guyard, A. Sacuto, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, M. Le Tacon, D. Colson, and A. Forget, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 097003 (2008).

- Possible observation of cycloidal electromagnons in BiFeO3, M. Cazayous, Y. Gallais, A. Sacuto, R. de Sousa, D. Lebeugle, and D. Colson, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 037601 (2008).

- Breakpoint in the evolution of the gap through the cuprate phase-diagram , W. Guyard, M. Le Tacon, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto, A. Georges, D. Colson, and A. Forget, Phys. Rev. B 77, 24524 (2008).

- Two energy scales and two distinct quasiparticle dynamics in the superconducting state of underdoped cuprates, M. Le Tacon, A. Sacuto, A. Georges, G. Kotliar, Y. Gallais, D. Colson, and A. Forget, Nature Physics 2, 537 (2006).